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We all know a fantastic headshot is key. After that, a strong showreel is an actors best tool for securing castings and work in the entertainment industry. 

At CS Management we are proud to have a specialist showreel team who will collate, examine, and edit your footage to its full potential, so that it works for you!

We offer this service to all for a fixed project fee of £75. For this we will:

  • Provide a full 1-2-1 consultation and advice session on how, and what, to film.

  • Search for and gain access to any footage that has been aired publicly in the UK where possible (anything unaired or privately filmed will need to be sent directly to our team)

  • Analyse all of your footage and decide on the best combination of clips

  • Edit any and all relevant materials together into a professional and streamlined showreel. 

Recently filmed something extra and need it adding in? For all of our previously paid showreel customers we'll add extra footage to your original reel for £10 per scene. 

To get started on your showreel editing process today, simply email with the subject line "SHOWREEL EDIT."

PLEASE NOTE: We offer these services free of charge to all CS Management clients.

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